My name is Grant Morgan Czerepak. I am the founding CEO of White Hex Corporation a thinking company. I am an IT professional with over 25 years experience in database technology specifically in the area database theory. I have lived and worked in nine cities across Canada, the United States as well as in Singapore. I am always for hire.  If you would like me to share my knowledge and experience with you through a speaking engagement, seminar or consulting I would be more than happy to make arrangements with you. Visit my “where” page for contact info.

Curricula Vitae

Present Founding CEO

White Hex Corporation, Winnipeg, Canada

White Hex Corporation exists to create competitive advantage for its clients.  We started in Information Technology and we are extending across the disciplines.

White Hex Corporation is being established to create a team of generalists with design skills across the disciplines to tackle design problems.

White Hex Corporation has a living methodology that sees governing principles that extend from creativity all the way to fulfillment of a buyer’s purchase.

Since I have established my business, I have taken on a variety of clients providing general services until I could finalize my business strategy for the long term.

Client: HermanNelson.com, Winnipeg, MB

Aerotech Herman Nelson is a global supplier of portable aircraft HVAC.

* Recruited, Interviewed and Hired Sales Team.

* Conceived and directed implementation of “quote request cart” for website

* Directed website enhancements

* Directed Google Adwords campaign and hired employee to optimize performance

* Conducted email campaigns to opt-in customers

* Registered company in United Nations Global Marketplace

* Registered company in Marketing Agents National Association

* Hired engineer to develop next generation of portable heating units

Client: BirdFluInsider.com, Winnipeg, MB

Bird Flu Insider was a leading website providing balanced reporting on the subject.

* Researched and Compiled Content

* Designed and Developed Website

* Perform Regular Website Maintenance

* Publication: Planning for Bird Flu: A Balanced Perspective for Family and Business, 106 pp. available on amazon.com

Client: Gilcris.com, Winnipeg, MB

Gilcris Enterprises specialized in importing John Deere Tractors from Europe for resale in Canada.

* Maintained website

Client: IndianTrailOutfitters.ca, Arborg, MB

Indian Trail Outfitters was a leading hunting guide and outfitting service for central Manitoba, Canada.

* Designed and Developed Website (site no longer active)

Client: StephensEdge.com

Stephen’s Edge is a city painting contractor noted for client referrals.

* Performed a variety of site enhancements

MS Office, SiteSell, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, DBDesigner4, MySQL

2008.06 – 2008.11 System Analyst Supervisor Great-West Life Assurance Company, Winnipeg, Canada


Great-West Life is one of the largest Insurance and Financial companies in Canada.

Currently, they are undertaking a ten year project to migrate from their legacy systems onto an SOA with an innovative business model.

On discussion with the Senior Architect I independently worked on development of an alternate data architecture and schema to address limitations in system modification.

The solution involved a six dimensional meta-layer that pemitted the definition of entities, associations and values.

At this point my model is being prepared for presentation to senior management.

During this project I was assigned to supervise the work other data modelers on other GWL projects.

Erwin, Enterprise Architect, MS Office, Visio

2007.11 System Analyst

Great West Life Assurance Company, Winnipeg, Canada

Worked as a Senior Database Analyst/Designer creating logical models for a major Group Life Assurance initiative by Great-West Life

Erwin, Enterprise Architect, MS Office, Visio

2007.07 Data Analyst

Healthcare Employees Pension Plan– Manitoba (HEPP), Winnipeg, Canada


HEPP is the Pension and Benefits provider to the employees of over 700 healthcare facilities in the province of Manitoba. HEPP has recently changed its IT infrastructure from being served by outside consultants to a fully internal Information Services team. HEPP employed me to perform several responsibilities:

* Data modeling and impact analysis for changes to the HEPP database.

* Assisting data administrators by providing reports on the current status of the database regarding the posting of payroll data to the database.

* Advising on the adoption of business modeling methods and the purchase of business modeling software

* Ad hoc analysis and reporting as required

* Ad hoc maintenance of database and processes as required

Oracle 9i, TOAD, Erwin, SeaPine TestTrack Pro, Testrack TCM, Surround SCM

2004.08 Data Analyst

Prolink Inc, MacLean, VA

FreddieMac is a mortgage and housing company created by the United States federal government to enable middle income families to purchase homes. Freddie Mac engaged Prolink to provide a data modeler for one of several data analysis teams. In the course of my employment at FreddieMac I worked with a development team to create a data model for a rate matrix system, document the new model in the corporate data dictionary and gather metadata information. I resigned due to personal reasons.

Project: FreddieMac

* Worked in conjunction with programmers, DBAs and Data Analysis team to develop logical data models for Freddie Mac’s internal applications

Oracle 9, ERWin, ISO/IEEE 11179

2003.11 Data Analyst Fahrenheit Technologies Inc, Richmond, VA

Project: IT Analysis and Reporting Methods REMAP

CapitalOne, Richmond, VA

CapitalOne is a major credit card company in the United States.

CapitalOne engaged Fahrenheit Technologies to provide my services to the IT Analysis and Reporting Methods team to work on a Inmon based data warehouse. Emphasis was placed on denormalizing tables into structures that could support predefined reporting requirements.

* Worked with team to extend capabilities of the Project Reporting and Analysis Warehouse

* Recorded and converted findings into data models

* Merged ERWin Model with MS Visio model

* Tested REMAP extension Microstrategy reports

Oracle 9i, Toad, MS SQL Server 2000, ERWin, MS Visio, MS Office

Project: TDM Data Scrubbing

CapitalOne, Richmond, VA

* Scrubbed test data in over ten corporate Oracle databases for offshore projects

* Documented data scrubbing plans and results

* Wrote manual for Client Model Test Data Generator application

* Trained in Java in order to maintain Test Data Generator

Oracle 9, Toad, Unix, MS Office, Java

2002.02 Senior Data Modeler

Information Services Group Inc, Harrisburg, PA

Project: Construction Documentation System

Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

The Pennsylvania Turnpike is an interstate highway cutting east-west across the state of Pennsylvania and is maintained by the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. The commission engaged ISG to define, design, develop and deploy a construction documentation system that would enable inspectors to collect construction inspection data in the field on laptops and then synchronize their laptop databases at stations at various points along the turnpike.

* Analyzed existing system at client offices and construction sites

* Developed logical and physical modeling standards

* Designed logical data model in ER/Studio

* Designed physical data model in MS DBE with Developer

* Communicated status regularly in semi-formal environment

ER/Studio, MS DBE, MS Office

Project: SIF Data Model

Schools Interoperability Framework, Washington, DC

The Schools Interoperability Framework engaged ISG to work in conjunction with them to incorporate data modeling into the planning of a database standard for a national model. I was assigned the job of studying the various applications documenting their data models and then merging these data models into a composite whole.

* Designed a preliminary logical data model based on the integration of eight school management software platform

* Presented data model concepts and data model at SIF conference in Washington, DC


Project: XML Informal Traininng

Preparation for Bid (Internal)

* Trained in XML with fellow database specialists in preparation for a potential project requiring an understanding of the technology

Project: HIPAA Compliance Database

HIPAA Compliance Assessment Practice (Internal)

* Worked with company consultant to develop database application to record HIPAA compliance criteria met by company clients

MS Access

Project: Data Modeling Concepts Presentation

Central Pennsylvania Computing Professionals

* Presented IDEF1X notation and Normalization concepts

Project: Chapter Creation

DAMA Central Pennsylvania

* Coordinated founding of DAMA Chapter

2000.11 Senior Data Modeler

Food.com, San Francisco, CA

The founders of food.com had succeeded in patenting the process of locating restaurants in the vicinity of a customer through geolocation. The food.com website would ask for a customers address information including postal code, determine the geolocation by postal code, determine the restaurants within a given radius, make those restaurant’s menus available for delivery or take out orders, capture the order and notify the restaurant. Food.com served the entire continental United States.

Food.com has since changed its business model and has sold its URL.

* Created Conceptual, logical and physical data models and DDL

* Enhanced layout of data model for better communication

* Data Migration from MS SQL Server to Oracle 8i

* Oracle Database Administration and Support

* Purchased the company fussball table

Oracle 8i, DB/Artisan, ER/Studio, Toad, SQL*Plus, Unix, Windows NT, MS Office

1999.08 Senior Consultant

Proxicom Inc, San Francisco, CA

Project: Food World Data Warehouse ETL Team

National Product Diaries (NPD), New York, NY

National Product Diaries is one of the largest aggregators of product consumption statistics in the United States. NPD engaged Proxicom in the multiphased development of a Kimball dimensional data warehouse that would span several product “worlds.

* Trained in Informatica

* Designed, developed and unit tested transformations from source to ODS and from ODS to DDS

Informatica, MS Office

Project: GE Venture Mine

GE Capital, San Francisco, CA

* Designed logical data model according to analyst specifications

* Developed physical data model with developer revisions

* Deployed physical data model for Oracle 8i platform

* Installed and configured Oracle 8I RDBMS and created database

* Administrated database during the course of development

Oracle 8i, ERWin

1996.01 Senior Consultant

LGS Group Inc, Winnipeg, MB

Project: Order Entry System Support

Canadian Pacific Railway

* Tested progressive releases of Oracle 7 order entry application

* Provided 24/7 production support

* Documented system and releases both in text and graphically

Oracle 8i, ERWin, Visio, MQ Series, MS Office

Project: Roundup Ready Website


* Performed Quality Assurance and testing of website for licensing Roundup ready canola seed

Project: Corporate Financial Management Systems

Great-West Life Assurance Company

Designed and developed an MS Access database and application for the 1999 Branch Office Statistics System. Used by regional Vice-Presidents for negotiating budgets nationally.

* Assisted actuaries in transitioning applications from MS Excel to MS Access

* Provided technical support for MS Access and MS Excel

MS Access, MS Office

Project: Disaster Financial Assistance System (DFA)

Manitoba Emergency Management Organization, Government of Manitoba

* With an internal DFA team produced design specifications including a Data Dictionary, ERDs, Data Flow Diagrams, Process Flow Charts and presentation material.

* Authored a successful funding request to the Manitoba government’s IT branch for this system.

MS Access, Visio, MS Office

Project: Cardia Fundraising Data Model

Heart and Stroke Foundation of Manitoba

* Lead team to produce a conceptual, logical and physical enterprise data model for the not for profit agency

* Performed a variety of MS Access programming tasks

ERWin, MS SQLServer, MS Access

Project: LGS System Migration


* Voluntarily took responsibility to dismantle and reassemble all systems during relocation of Manitoba corporate office

* Tasks included rewiring LAN

Project: Route Manager


* Consulted with Cargill Route Master team on project estimates, Visual Basic programming, interface design and client/server database issues.

* Designed and coded EDI component in Visual Basic with Sybase host.

Sybase, Visual Basic, EDI

Project: Manitoba Oil and Gas Well Information Systems (MOGWIS)

Petroleum Branch, Manitoba Energy and Mines, Government of Manitoba

* Developed graphic user interface for MOGWIS application using Oracle Forms.

* Designed data model

Oracle 7, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, ERWin, MS Office

1994.11 Consultant

Information Technology Works, Winnipeg, Canada

* Designed and developed a customer service support system for PC vendor.

SQL Server, Visual Basic, MS Access, MS Office

1994.04 Consultant

Softworks Technology, Singapore

* Designed test generators for secondary school mathematics courses

* Developed marketing strategy for a scalable database application systems

Progress, MS Access, Visual Basic, MS Office

1992.08 Database Administrator

Technical Services, University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Canada

* Provided technical support on database issues to faculty and staff

* Supervised student employee performing software research

* Assisted faculty in using Oracle for research purposes

* Researched new Windows based databases

Oracle 6, Rbase4, WordPerfect 5.0, Stanford Graphics

1991.06 Business Systems Analyst

Manitoba Telephone System, Winnipeg, Canada

* Migrated corporate Financial Management Information System MSDOS Oracle 5 system to Unix Oracle 6 System.

* Optimized and performed monthly processing

Oracle 5, Oracle 6, Unix, Norton Utilities

1990.03 Project Leader

SW International Systems (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Singapore

* Lead programming team in development and installation of software for 5 Singapore hospitals

* Negotiated cooperative agreement between SWI and PC hardware manufacturer

* Initiated migration of application user interfaces from text to graphics

* Prepared course material for training in SAGA development tools

* Taught introductory course in Unix

* Performed Unix system administration on company server

* Interviewed and hired team members

Informix, Unix, C, SAGA, Harvard Graphics, MSDOS

1989.06 Business Systems Programmer/Analyst

Microtel Pacific Research, Vancouver, BC

* Designed and developed user interface for internal project management system as well as textual and graphic reports

* Developed flowcharting system for Oracle Forms

* Trained in Oracle 6 Database Administration

Oracle 5, Oracle 6, Unix, MSDOS, Harvard Graphics, LATex

1986.05 – 1988.09 Programmer/Analyst

Federal Department of Transport, Government of Canada, Winnipeg, Canada

* Radar Modernization Project Management Team

* Analyzed, Designed and Developed Financial Rollup Program for Team

* Trained clerical staff member in Lotus 123

* Wrote report on RAMP central region project team’s workload advising the addition of clerical position to team. Recommendation accepted.

* Self-taught dataflow diagramming

Dbase III plus, Lotus 123, WordStar

1987-88 Lab Instructor

Land Based Information Systems Lab, University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Canada

* Taught Honors students how to develop facility GIS applications

* Wrote 150 page manual to support MapInfo training

Informap III, Oracle 5, WordPerfect 5.0, DEC VAX/VMS

1987-88 Intern Instructor

Writing Program, University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Canada

* Taught English composition to students referred by professors

* Applied both personal instruction and computer assists

* Developed computer assisted composition lifecycle

* Wrote 50 page report evaluating the benefits of installing a LAN

1987-88 Teaching Assistant

University of Winnipeg Continuing Education, Winnipeg, Canada

* Assisted in teaching WordPerfect, dBase III plus, Lotus 123 to bank employees

EDUCATION AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Bachelor of Science 1990.04 Business Computing, University of Winnipeg Certifications 2003.07 Data Modeling Concepts, Master’s Certificate, Top 2 Percent Brainbench.com Additional Courses 2000.06 Informatica: Power Mart & Power Center 1999.09 Business Objects: Reporter, Designer, Supervisor 1999.02 Lotus Notes R4: Basics and Beyond 1998.04 Microsoft Windows Architecture for Developers 1992.09 Toastmasters International, Leadership Program 1991.09 Unix System Overview and Fundamentals 1990.07 SISIR Quality for Software Workshop Publications 2006.02 Planning for Bird Flu 106pp. 1989.04 GIS: Facility Mapping Fundamentals, 150pp. COMMUNITY WORK 2006 to Present, Volunteer Counselor, Mood Disorders Organization of Manitoba 2006 President, Manitoba Morning Toastmasters RECREATION Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Manitoba Theatre Centre, Movies, Music, Reading, All-Season Hiking

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