Music: This is Your Music on the Internet


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This is a representation of every musician, band, etc. that creates music as rated on  The graph was created by using a new visualization tool.

Web: Akami Monitor


Click on image to go to Akami Real-Time Web Monitor.

This is a snapshot of the Akami Monitor at 4am CDT on the date of this post.  You can see the variations in traffic intensity at that time.

Dimension: Nikon Universcale

Nikon has developed what I consider the best representation of base ten exponential representation I have ever seen.

Universcale allows you to navigate a two dimensional Base 10 landscape linearly.

I see the possibility here to develop a visual model to linearly navigate any pair of exponential scales.

I can also see the possibility to develop a visual model to tabularly navigate any pair of exponential scales.

Truly a brilliant innovation that deserves to be extended to its fullest potential.

I highly recommend a visit.