searchme currently allows you to perform page search, image search, video search, music search, news search and shopping search  using the Apple iTunes Stack metaphor. also lets you create custom stacks.

I would like to be able to place a SearchMe style page image as a link in a presentation as well.

The thing I would like to see in SearchMe is the following by going into cooperation with Google:

  • Visual Queries by submitting submitting video  bytes bigits.
  • Aural Queries by submitting audio rates rigits.
  • Nasal Queries by submitting nadio dates tigits.
  • Tactal Queries by submitting tadio numbers ligits.
  • Mental Queries by submitting medio text digits.
  • Factual Queries by submitting ideo states figits.

All of the above queries can be supported by selecting the media object on the current wepage, then using the sites categories and tags for the object as search criteria.

I would also like to see each of the queries have several levels as I describe below using the most international websites as examples:

Search HOW:

The IMAGE Network Search

Search WHO:

The GROUP Network Search

Search WHAT:

The EVENT Network Search

Search WHEN:

The TREND Network Search

Search WHERE:

The CHASE  Network Search

Search WHY:

The AGENT Network Search

The above are the most global sites I could find.  I recommend that each site be fully indexed by SearchMe.


TouchGraph: Search Goes Visual

I’ve just come from one of the most fantastic visual research tools I have ever come across. Touchgraph gives you visually in one page, what Google, Amazon and Facebook cannot deliver in pages of text. A clear understanding of how websites, books and people are related based on your search criteria at a glance. The TouchGraph product can also be customized to interact with your databases to reveal patterns in your data that text and traditional graphical tools cannot capture or represent.  I would love to see this hooked up to my corporate data warehouse.

This is a brilliant tool and I find it highly addictive. We need more graphical tools like this to help us to break out of the constraints of columns, rows, lines, bars and pies.

It would be nice to see WordPress integrate this into viewing their tags and search.