Creativity: Think Big, Fail Big, Think Bigger

When Brian Cox made his first presentation at TED, I despised him.  He was standing on stage with an “I have the biggest dick at the conference” smile on his face.  He wasn’t excited about the collider, he was thinking about getting laid by LHC groupies.

Now the LHC has failed big time.  Brian has seen his own mortality and he comes on stage humbled.  He has experienced the worst and the best that his leaders can dole out to him.

The presentation Brian gives has three parts:  Think Big.  Fail Big.  Think Bigger.  He looks at the collider.   Describes the failure.  Laughs at it.  Draws confidence from “the useless experiments of Faraday” that changed the world. And goes on.

I now respect Brian Cox.

The LHC failed because all of us have not yet thought big enough.