The Universe: Seven Nodes, Six Dimensions

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Since I have written this I have come to recognize limitations in this and related perspectives that led them to be cul-de-sacs.  My more recent work can be found here: The Czerepak Framework

After considerable struggle with the data it became clear to me that I was not dealing with a table in the normal sense.  I could not reconcile a data cube with the seven dimensions I had discovered.  Then it occurred to me that I was not dealing with a cube at all.  I was dealing with a simpler solid, the octahedron.  The octahedron has six dimensions (spokes) and seven vertexes.

This gives us a Hauy Construction (this figure is an eight degree):

Using my new taxonomy gives us the following views:




The age of the cube is over.  Welcome to the age of the Octahedral Hauy Construction.