The Fifth Horseman: Comedy

In the world of atheists it has been said that there are Four Horsemen, namely Science (Richard Dawkins), Progress (Dan Dennett), Reason (Sam Harris) and Equality (Christopher Hitchens). Now, let me tell you about the Fifth Horseman: Comedy.

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Pat Condell is a respected and disrespectful atheist comedian who rants the way every secularist should. He has no respect for any religion Western or Eastern. He believes that religion should be legislated out of public life and restricted to personal life.  In addition, he has an exceptional distaste for religions that threaten violence when they are told they are religions of violence but that’s another video which you can view by clicking on the open book icon below the video embed. Warning: Pat’s videos continue ad infinitum. You can stop them by clicking on the video and stopping with the controls.


Evolution: Growing Up In The Universe Series

In 1991 Richard Dawkins made a series of five one hour presentations discussing evolution called Growing Up in the Universe. The presentations are interesting and visual and aimed at young people, but as an adult I found them quite interesting myself. I have collected the links together here:

Growing Up In the Universe (Google Video)

  1. Waking Up In The Universe
  2. Designed and Designoid Objects
  3. Climbing Mount Improbable
  4. The Ultraviolet Garden
  5. The Genesis of Purpose

I hope you enjoy them with young people.

Atheism: More Vision, Less Derision

I am currently reading The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins and I am finding it a very fatiguing book to read. The reason for this is Richard cannot seem to make an eloquent rejection of religious superstition without ranting about the stupidity of everyone and everything involved. It’s cover to cover contempt. I would rather be inspired by an atheist vision than witnessing intellectual derision. If it is wrong, prove it is wrong without adding insult to injury.

The problem is atheists, myself included, are hard pressed to come up with an atheist vision. However, Milan Kundera, a seasoned victim of communist oppression, came out with what I believe to be the best vision I can think of. That is the rejection of supernatural consciousness and the rationale of Descartes and the acceptance of the value of all natural consciousness. The real joy of life for every living thing is to be conscious of life at whatever level that may be. And every living thing fights with everything it has to preserve its consciousness.

The frauds of religion are two:

  1. to claim that there is a supernatural consciousness in the universe. For that there is no evidence.
  2. to claim that our consciousness somehow exists before or after life. For that there is no evidence.

Love your consciousness, love other’s consciousness as your own.

Systema: Six Hats, Six Coats and “Middle World”


Richard Dawkins discusses his concept he calls “Middle World” to explain how the human model of real could be only one of endless models. The scope of human perception could be only a minimal explanation of the human “Middle World” model, irrelevant to the models of every other form of life that exists. However, Richard is not saying the laws of physics are different, but the laws of perception. Six Hats, Six Coats still holds its relevancy universally as Murray Gell-Mann has pointed out by saying that irregardless of the observer physics does not change.

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Atheism: An Atheist’s Call To Arms

Richard Dawkins calls all atheists to come out of the closet and challenge the corrosive effect of religion.

Dan Dennitt calls for education in the worlds religions for all children. “Informed Consent is the cornerstone of democracy”.

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