Internet: Macro, Meso, Micro, Nano

One of the interesting concepts that emerges from Brian Herbert’s and Kevin J. Anderson’s Dune contributions is the silvery Omnius Sphere. Basically a Macro AI’s entire memory (on the scale of a global internet) stored in a sphere small enough for a human to carry–the size of a soccer ball.

The strangest incongruity I found in the story was this: If disembodied human brains in life sustaining containers–cymeks–could control robotic bodies and space ships, why couldn’t an Omnius Sphere? In fact, why couldn’t this meso-sized copy of the internet become micro and personal sized? Even yet, a completely decentralized nano-internet augmenting each human brain which spiders and is spidered by other nano-internets?

Since Google has a complete copy of the internet on it’s servers, we could call Google a meso-internet and future AI. What if we could scale down Google’s entire system to a single device that one person could operate? What if we could put all of Google on a hand held device or even augment ourselves with it?

I think multiple copies of the internet as a whole will be crucial to future human liberty. The decentralized meso-internet will define a region, probably a continental block.