Design: Apple, MILK and Aeron


You may not be aware, but I have become a loyal Apple Computers customer.  I enjoy working and playing on my iMac designed by Jonathan Ives’ up to 16 hours a day.  However, I have not been happy with my physical desk and I came across the website for the desk below.


The desk is called MILK and it is a beautiful piece of Apple Industrial Design Group inspired furniture designed by Soren Rose.  I’ve decided it is on this year’s purchase list for my work/play space.


Another piece of furniture which I have had the pleasure of using is Herman Miller’s Aeron Chair.  This chair designed by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf is ergonomic, comfortable and fully adjustable.  It is number two on my list of acquisitions for my work/play space.

I spend too many hours at my iMac to invest in furniture that is poorly designed and not ergonomic.  Both the MILK desk and the Aeron Chair are an investment in my myself.


The Vaio is Dead! Long Live the iMac!

It’s a big day here in relationary land.  My trusty Sony Vaio had a physical hard disk failure.  Repair would cost one quarter of the purchase price and weeks between Sony and back.  Fortunately, I do most of my work on Google Docs at home and I backup my iTunes library.  So I went to the local high profile electronics dealer and asked the sales rep what I could get for the original purchase price of a four year old Sony Viao.  The answer was a top of the line iMac and in a matter of 20 minutes for financing I walked out with a big box in hand.

When I reached my apartment and pulled the iMac Box out of the brown cardboard shipping box I looked at the thing and decided to clean my entire apartment in preparation.  This was like bringing my dream date home.  I unpacked the computer and set it up on my desk.  I realized that I would have to get a new chair so I would not hurt my neck looking up into the screen which was bigger than my television display.  Then I turned it on.

Everything about the machine, the OS and the software is superior.  This is American design, Californian design at its finest.  I showed it to my friend and he told me to take time to get a little sleep every night.

I celebrated by downloading a complete Mozart collection from iTunes.  The sound is great.  I’ll be giving away my Vaio, my DVD player and my television set.  I think I will give up my land line and buy an iPhone, too.

iMac, where have you been all my life?