Evolution: We Are All The Fittest


When you look at the above phylogenetic chart you can see how the species are differentiated.  However, there is another thing you should recognize.  There is both an evolutionary tree and a chain of being.  Left wing scientists tirelessly try to deny the chain of being, right wing scientists relentlessly try to deny the evolutionary tree.  Every phylia that is alive today is alive because it is fit to be alive today.  We are all the latest innovation at the end of our branch of the single evolutionary tree we all belong to.  A bacterium is just as evolved as you are.  It has taken just as many billions of years for it to be fit to survive in today’s environment as you.  However, humans are the most evolved beings.  And evolution is continuing, we are not the end product, just the current version.  Our offspring, irregardless of species are better adapted than we are to deal with whatever the environment throws at us.  Our children are not our descendants they are our ascendants.

The biggest mistake the Chinese ever made was to worship their ancestors.  This destroyed the creativity of the Chinese people.  We, the entire world must worship our children and apologize to our children for the mistakes we make.  We must not burn our money to provide for our ancestors in heaven.  We must invest our money into the future of our children.  We must not hold elaborate funerals, we must celebrate every birth.  Not our place in death in the past, but the place of our children in the future must be our goal and our heaven.

As Desiderata says, “You are a child of the Universe.  No less than the stars and the trees, you have a right to be here.”

Our responsibility is to recognize everyone and everything else has a right to be here, too.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Genes, Memes and “Temes”

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Memetics is a pet concept of mine. I have always argued in favor of it even when it went out of vogue. Susan Blackmore in this TED.com presentation makes an excellent argument for memes and her extension of memes, “temes” by cutting through the crap to the definition of Universal Darwinism:

  1. IF there is variation and
  2. IF there is selection and
  3. IF there is heredity
  4. THEN There MUST be evolution

Memes are cultural replicators.  They vary, are selected and are inherited consequently evolving.  On the horizon are “Temes” technological memetic replicators that no longer need genes.

Envronment: A New Level of Consciousness

I have been talking with Anthropogenic Global Warming advocates all afternoon and evening. All I got for it was insults and demands for deference from a juvenile academic with his head up his ass who ultimately resorted to tampering with my posts. I went for a cup of coffee and began thinking about what the prospects would be if AGW or Climate Change won in the opinion polls. Both sides suddenly looked like losing propositions. Will the solution factories produce the environmental equivalent of an Amazon, Ebay or Google? Or will we do the more likely thing? Treat the symptoms instead of improving the health of the planet.

The Great Wall of China didn’t meet performance requirements. Kafka had something to say about it.

The first thing I thought about was world agriculture and deforestation. It appears inevitable to me that virtually all arable land will be put under the till to produce food crops or feed for cattle, hogs and poultry. Second, I thought about the current hunt and gather practices of the fisheries. I expect that most large bodies of water will eventually be supporting some form of major aquaculture as wild stocks will be depleted. Third, forestry is unsustainable and will not be prevented in time.

Water desalination projects will become imperative world wide as water tables dry up and glaciers disappear.

There will be the need to create multipurpose corridors both East and West and North and South for pipelines, rail, highway, power and communications across continents as well as air hubs at the intersections.

I thought about global depopulation programs reducing the number of children a family could legally have to affect population decline. I also thought about global redistributions of population in the wake of population decline.

And then there was always war.

Finally, I took a break from the shrinking of the polar ice cap and I started thinking about artificial intelligence, robotics, cybernetics and genetics. Suddenly, they all merged together and I wondered if we would be able to preserve our species or we would eventually change all organisms including ourselves into a network of genetically altered cybernetic and artificial intelligences and robotic objects. Perhaps this will be the new level of non-Descartes consciousness we will need to save the planet. What do you think, Einstein?

Give it a century.