Internet: The Banquet


I have been thinking about why we pour our heart out onto the web for “nothing”.  The reality is it is not for nothing.  We are all seeking something in exchange for our efforts as as abstract as that something may be.

You are putting something onto the Internet Table in order to take something from the Internet Table.

If you are not working for remuneration, you are advertising.  You are seeking intangibles that–in some way–will lead to a transaction.  You are creating a brand.

All the “OpenSource”.  All the blogs, all the webpages, all the sites, all the comments, all the games–everything–is about building your brand.

It is about “You, Incorporated”.

You want to ultimately acquire the world you want.

You want to rule your world.

There is a word for it: “Anarchy”

You each have no leader, but yourself.  Yet we work together in Synergy.

We are working toward a world of the Independent Global Professional.

If you are not selling something, you are advertising something.

Diversions: Addictive Fun

I have just spent about an hour having a nice time playing at a new and very addictive opinion game. Simply go to the site and begin agreeing or disagreeing with the mostly tongue in cheek opinions that are listed. It will tell you how many people agreed or disagreed with you. You are also allowed to qualify your opinion and see other’s qualifications in a subordinate list. If you really like it you can register and start posting your own opinions and gaining points toward Soapboxxer swag.

Give it a try. Visit

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You have to give some time to Flow. Caution, highly addictive in its simplicity.

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