Uh Oh, The Canary Died


I have been reading the history of the H1N1 virus when it first plagued the world during WW1

It turns out that the H1N1 virus can mutate.

The H1N1 circulated around the globe not one but three times between 1915 and 1918.

The first time it was a mild virus that did little harm. It started in Kansas and was spread in Europe by American Soldiers and from there spread globally.

The second time the virus mutated. It caused a violent overreaction in healthy people’s immune system which would destroy their lungs. Death could happen in hours. Every pregnant woman who caught it died. Estimates of the global death toll was 100 million.

The third time the virus mutated it lessened in strength. However, it spread completely around the world again.

Doctors still know little about H1N1. Pandemic specialists don’t know how to contain it. Pharmaceutical companies need a year to adapt flu shots to a mutation.

This is why the World Health Organization and every Disease Center in the world is worried.

The Canary in the Coal Mine is Dead.