Databases: Hyperbolic Schema Example


In a talk, Margaret Wertheim proudly relates how a craft predominantly practiced by women solved the physical representation of Hyperbolic Geometry.  Click on the image to view a video of the talk.

This got me to thinking about the representation of Hyperbolic Schemas and Hyperbolic Data.

An example of a Hyperbolic Schema is as follows:

Take the name “John”.  “John” can be seen as an word element or as a composite of “J”, “o”, “h”, “n”.

The left side of the brain sees the element, the right brain sees the composite. This applies level after level.  Phrase element and composite of words.  Sentence element and composite of phrases.  Paragraph element and composite of sentences and so on.  The associative database can support both representations.  This give you very powerful editing capabilities at many levels of granularity as well as powerful searches and applications.

Our product does this using the Sentences Associational Database from Lazy Software.  A relational database cannot do this effectively or efficiently.

Systema: Fly With An Eagle

I just came from Karen López’s website and I really enjoyed going through the blog, articles and discussion forums. There is a wealth of information on enterprise architecture, data architecture, data modeling and data modeling tools. The quality of the site is highly professional, informative and complements the corporate identity. It is obvious the principals of the company love their profession and go out of their way for the professional community as well as doing pro bono work for academic institutions.

InfoAdvisors is an Information Technology and Engineering Consulting firm based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Karen López, I.S.P. is InfoAdvisors’ principal consultant. Rob Drysdale, P.Eng is our Senior Program Manager.

Ms. López has years experience consulting to organizations initiating large, multi-project information systems programs.

Mr. Drysdale has 4 years of consulting experience and 15 of engineering and management experience.

Visit the site and get the chance to fly with an eagle of the industry.