In this blog I will be mixing, matching, shifting and sifting paradigms that have come up in my work with relational databases and other concepts I’ve picked up while taking my time to explore the nooks and crannies of my university’s course calendar over seven years, studying the entire NIV version of the Bible over three years, travelling in southeast asia, reading broadly and having several good friends to exchange ideas with over coffee and across the internet.

I want to emphasize that the posts in this blog are evolving ideas. You are witnessing me learning from post to post. My thinking will often be non-linear. There will be blind alleys as well as serendipity. You are going to see lots of prototypes full of duct tape, rubber bands and chewing gum before final products emerge, if there really is a final product.

I am gradually putting together a company to take on design projects within and without the the information technology discipline.  You will be hearing about it increasingly as my thoughts overlap and I begin to solicit business.  As of right now I am building my methodology and gaining some very interesting partners…and we have a plan.

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