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Part of Something Larger than Ourselves

As I mentioned in my previous post I have spent months reading world history.

One of the fascinating things I have learned is the history of the nuclear program.

It turns out that Albert Einstein told the President of the United States about the potential to make a nuclear bomb before 1939.  Before World War II even started.

The United States began a program to build a nuclear weapon.

There were two facilities preparing the fissionable materials Uranium 235 and Plutonium.

The Uranium 235 facility in Tennessee was the largest industrial complex in the United States to that date and consumed ten percent of the United States electrical power supply.  No one except the President of the United States and a handful of people actually knew why the complex existed.  Even the people who built it and worked at the facility did not know what they were making.

The Plutonium facility in Washington State was built in a desert adjacent to one of the state’s largest rivers to provide cooling.  The site had several large nuclear reactors and again no one except the President of the United State and a handful of people actually knew why this complex existed.  Even the people who built it and worked at the facility did not know what they were making.

The same went for the Nevada testing site.  Thousands of people worked in the Nevada desert building the facility where the nuclear devices were constructed.  No one except the President of the United States and a handful of people knew why the complex existed.  Even the people who built it and worked at the facility did not know what they were making.

These facilities came into existence before the Second World War and operated with only the knowledge of the President of the United States and a small community of people right up until the dropping of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear devices.  That means the largest scientific, engineering, industrial and military project in the world was operating without almost anyone’s knowledge.  Including General MacArthur the Supreme Commander of the Pacific Allied Forces.

And until the moment of detonation, no one on Earth knew if each device would even work.

All of us in the world are part of something larger than we understand.  Each of us only knows a subsystem of the global human system.  We each have knowledge the rest of the world does not have.  And we are each influencing as individuals, as the human colony and as part of nature the course the Earth is taking.

None of us has an understanding of the full picture and none of us ever will.  Historians admit we will never understand why any world event of any kind is happening.

What we have to accept is that the Universe, Nature, Yawheh, God, Allah, Brahma, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Confucious, Manitou, Ehecatl, Shango, Bochica, Wandjina, Io and all creators told us their creation is “Very Good”.

All hardships stem from humanity doubting this.

We are all part of something greater than ourselves and we simply will never understand all of it as Goedel the mathematician explained to us in his proof.

After 25 years developing information systems I realized every system will be asked to do something it is not designed to do.

That is what Charles Darwin was explaining to us.  Whatever the Universe’s origin it is constantly evolving.  We will always find something larger than ourselves, the same as ourselves and smaller than ourselves that we have not encountered before.  The Universe is just too vast for us to experience all of it.

Einstein told Heisenberg, “God does not play dice.”  Heisenberg agreed and told Einstein, “We will never know what game God is playing.”

Von Clauswitz said this is also the case for warfare.  Peter Drucker said this is also the case for business.

After decoding the human genome biologists are saying the same thing too.

If you want to be happy in life everything in the Universe is telling you this:  There is no meaning you will fully understand, just accept moment to moment everything is very good.

Jack Kerouac said, “Nobody knows what’s going to happen to anybody besides growing old.”

As Max Ehrmann, the author of Desiderata said, “The Universe is unfolding as it should.”

Education: The Bell Curve


Media: Evolution Timeline


I have done further work on: Media: Evolution Timeline

Evolution: Manchinekind


My latest post in my blog “globvilla” worth checking out:

Evolution: Manchinekind

Media: Globalization


A Brief History of Globalization, by Alex MacGillivary

Reveals that the major turning points in history were changes in the predominant media:

150,000 years ago Advent of Sequential Man – Global Culture

15,000 years ago Advent of Numeral Man – Global Agriculture

5,000 years ago Advent of Literal Man – Global Literature

500 years ago Advent of Graphical Man – Global Mapping

125 years ago Advent of Chronal Man – Global Time Zones

100 years ago Advent of Audial Man – Global Radio

75 years ago Advent of Visual Man – Global Television

50 years ago Advent of Virtual Sequential Man – Global Satellite

25 years ago Advent of Virtual Numerical Man – Global Internet

0 years ago Advent of Virtual Literal Man – Global Social Networks

Do you see a pattern?


With this video I announce a change in my interests and my new blog.


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Apollo 11: Cold War Victory

XBox Natal Milo: I, Virtual Robot


Microsoft has come up with a fantastic concept codenamed Natal and is planning a world where your face, voice and body is the controller.

Actually, Milo has been written about in fiction decades before. Milo is a virtual robot. He has all the attributes of the robots of Isaac Asimov.  The dork in the video hasn’t read much.

I foresee a world where our children abandon tools, text and numbers for interactive four dimensional visual models and speech recognition.

Icons: System States

I had a very interesting discussion regarding Aristotlean Drama, Linear Programming and Transactional Analysis today and it lead me to reevaluate my own thoughts on these concepts.

First I reevaluated my thoughts on States:




Aristotlean Drama is simple because it only involves the state of one character following a linear path.

However, when you begin to think about the outcomes for two characters the dynamic becomes tabular which brings us to game theory and the famous prisoner’s dilemma and game theory payoff matrixes:




However, it immediately becomes apparent that the Prisoner’s Dilemma does not account for all of the States.




Here we have the States of Transactional Analysis, however this state model is not complete either.




Even with a pentad the States are incomplete.  This is where my epiphany came in.  There has to be a begin state and an end state.




Now with a heptad, we have all seven States and a complete tabular model.

However, we are learning tabular models are not adequate.  We are learning network models are necessary.  And network models require an alternate portrayal.




Here we have a network presentation of the seven States.  And each of these States have seven states of their own.  There is no magic here.  The correlation to the week I do not think is coincidental, but cultural, however I do not think that astronomical phenomena have any causation.


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