X Time, Y Time and Z Time

An idea I have been playing with recently is wondering if time could be viewed in an alternate fashion than is now.

One of the traditional ways of viewing time is conically:

I have been wondering if time could be viewed spatially as x, y, z coordinates.  I don’t know if the time of physics and the time of perception are different.

Let’s call them x time, y time and z time.  What if x were past, y were present and z was future.

One of the reasons I wonder about this is because the present seems more dynamic than a point in time.  One of Einstein’s insights was that objects were not points in space, but complex volumes.  Why can’t the same be said for the present and the observer?

I am going to think more about this, but I will leave you with this question.  How could time have a positive and negative past, a positive and negative present and a positive and negative future?

I think the answer lies in realizing the observer is not a point.   TimeSpace as opposed to SpaceTime.


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