“Very Good” a Personal Vision

I am going to share with you my secret that made me a Chief Executive Officer.

When I was a child everyone told me there was a God and he loved me. They told me I could talk to God at any time and he would listen to me and he loved me. They told me God would answer back and he loved me.

I was filled with joy. I played with other children happily. I listened to my teachers and I was the top student in the class. I talked with everyone and enjoyed talking about the deepest issues with adults. Everyone I dealt with told me I was a genius and I told them I was.

Then some dumb ass came into my life and told me there was no God. He told me God did not love me. He told me God did not listen to me. He told me God did not talk to me. He told me I was stupid. He told me I could not talk with adults. He told me I was not a genius. He told me I was mentally ill. He told me I was physically sick. He told me I did not know how to take care of myself. He told me people were evil. He told me not to trust others. He told me people of other colors of skin were evil. He told me people who told me they believed in the same God as me, but called him another name were evil. He told me my life had no meaning and I did not belong in the Universe. He told me I had to take medication. He told me my air, water, food, clothing, home the whole world was poison and it was trying to kill me. He told me I had to be locked in a hospital and tell doctors and nurses, family, teachers, politicians, employers, coworkers that I was disfunctional and if I didn’t agree I would be thrown in prison and if I didn’t agree I would be tortured and killed.

I believed this person and my life became a living hell. Every person on earth has done this to me in one way or another and my life became hell. And you and I and everyone have done this to every person, animal, plant and everything in the Universe in one way or another.

Finally, I said enough. I am going to return to the world of my childhood. I am going to believe that my God and everyone’s God loves them and I am going to tell them no matter what name their God has and I am going to tell them that I love their God too and my God and their God is One. I am going to tell myself that I do not understand anything or know anything, but my God whoever my God is has told me it is very good.

Joy returned to my life. My health returned. I breathe, drink, eat, sleep, wear, walk, talk, act, dress, play, work and love my God in any way I want. And I tell everyone they can do the same thing and my God tells me they are very good.

I went to a lawyer and told him, “I know nothing and I want to be a Chief Executive Officer.” The lawyer said, “You don’t need a single minute of education or a minute of experience. You don’t even have to know how to sign your name. Pay me $600 and I will make you a Chief Executive Officer.” I am earning over $150,000 a year simply because I decided to. My company is going to earn over $2.5 million dollars this year. I do not own a car and I rarely take transit. I walk everywhere in my city and everyone I meet greets me and I always feel safe. I know all my neighbors and have talked with them. They invite me into their homes and we eat and drink together. We talk about everything freely including our Gods and we love each other.

If anyone tells me I am wrong or evil or anything “good” or “bad” I do this. I tell them, “You are a good person and everything in the Universe is good. In fact it is very good. Tell yourself and everything that, nothing else.”

All my professionals, men and women, will be wearing tailor made $1000 Hugo Boss suits I purchased for them. I have a corporate account with American Express Company and every one of my professionals will have an American Express Corporate Card. I buy them whatever they need and they scour the globe for the lowest price. If someone offers a product or service for free, we accept.

2 Responses to ““Very Good” a Personal Vision”

  1. shasheen Says:

    Thanks for sharing your Journey and victory over the conditioning of your past. I can relate and as my teacher has repeated to me… “If it ain’t love It ain’t you” the rest is all just the machinery at work!

    Cheers my fellow seeker and thanks for your continued support in the http://www.pinkelephantproject.com

    From the heart


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