Creatures of Habit: A linkedin comment

I have been reading the economic history of the world and human beings are creatures more of addiction than habit. We don’t generally fight wars over supplies of air, water and food. We fight wars over caffeine, nicotine, sugar and the resources needed to transport them around the globe and consume them. In fact the Greek word “ethikos” literally translated means addiction. Although we condemn addiction we are a world of legalized addictions. We even elevate the merits of addictive behavior while it destroys our health and healthcare systems. And if you want to destroy a self-sufficient economy, like China, bring in a harsher narcotic, like opium.

McDonald’s isn’t good food, it is legally addictive food. If your sugar addiction has destroyed your pancreas and you are diabetic, that’s okay, we will just force you to drink caffeinated beverages to wreck your nervous system. And you can supersize your quantities of addictive fat and salt to destroy your cardio-vascular system. But don’t worry, if you join an expensive health club and do excessive amounts of exercise, we’ve found your body can shake off most of the unnecessary chemicals. Oh and we have placed ashtrays outside so you and our teen employees can smoke in the great outdoors.

Why do we spend 90% of our world’s revenue on the military and fight wars? Where else can you get an economy to consume more quickly? Why should the middle class sell their homes and rent instead? How else do you turn the United States into a serfdom like the ones they fled in Europe?

Efficient, yes. Socialist systems where you avoid addictions proactively, where the health care system is free universal and state owned, where you can still own some property and people don’t want to invade their neighbors, and there are privacy laws, are criminal. Why? Because they keep the predatory profiteering down.

Communism is gone. It is time to destroy the illusion of the middle class.

Efficient, professional, entrepreneurial, capitalist.

Don’t be evil. We have your whole life online. And your conversations.

Numbers, too.

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