Is there is no energy, no mass, no time, only space?

This is the Einstein Field Equation


Time t is simply the distance the hands travel around the clock, the distance the earth rotates around its axis, the distance the earth revolves around the sun.

Mass m is simply a four distance or dimensional space.

Gravity is the comparison of four states: the Energy state, the Mass state, the Distance state and the Time state.

The dimensions that compose the universe are not “curled up” they are all visible to us every day.

Einstein thought the fields were unipolar making them circular, however experiment emphasizes the fields have two poles making them elliptical.

The cosmological constant is simply another four space making the incorporation of dark matter and dark energy graceful.

Why are physicists so tied up in knots over such a simple concept?


Click the image to enlarge it.

where d is distance and e is events.

This model gives you twelve dimensions and all of the dimensions are visible every day, they are not concealed or “wrapped up” at all.

I do not consider this equation perfect, but I believe I am on the right track.

What the above equation describes is a toroidal torus, or a klein bottle.

Consequently, the Einstein Field Equation describes a regular klein bottle, while the Czerepak field equation describes an irregular klein bottle.  What is special about the klein bottle is it only has one side.  This would mean the Universe although in constant flux is eternal and singular.  There was no bang and there will be no crunch just continual cycling through states.


The only other consideration is that the elliptical paths, should be replaced with spiral paths.  This would make the klein bottle recursive.  How many recursions there are may be limited to the seven states identified by the System International Units: luminosity, temperature, time, distance, mass, current and molarity all of these reducing to distances.

I already see commercial applications for this model.

One Response to “Is there is no energy, no mass, no time, only space?”

  1. Rotkapchen Says:

    You’re on track. There’s a reason there’s a law of Relativity — the earth experience is a ‘state’ and many things are relative to that state. Time is one of them. Time, like other things are continuums with no beginning and no end. It only has specific meaning based on certain contexts.

    Mass is another. It is only through the vibrations of atoms and molecules that we experience ‘solid’. There is enough space between the elements that should the vibrations choose to align (choice is another fundamental principle), we could walk through walls. So it’s not that the other elements don’t exist, they just don’t exist in the way we perceive them here on earth.

    Energy…there’s too much there for me to begin to address, but suffice it to say there’s also a reason that Einstein focused a lot on the speed of light.

    So why do all of these things present themselves the way that they do now? Both for a transitional learning (training wheels) and to learn that in order to learn more we often have to suspend everything we’ve already learned…and that my friends is the essence of ‘faith’ — the one thing that scientists often eschew the most (they too have much to learn).

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