Addiction: Facebook

Last night I deactivated my facebook account.

Facebook is not a blessing, it is a goddamned curse.

It’s turning everyone into mindless barking idiots.  If you have anything worthwhile to say you won’t last on Facebook.  They will shut you down.

We live in a society more concerned with telling you what to say than listening to what you say.

Which brings me to my next opinion.

I have had it with educational institutions.

No fucking eductator is going to tell me or anyone I am affiliated with what we can think, what we can do or how we can earn money.

I am removing “Education” from my hiring criteria.


One Response to “Addiction: Facebook”

  1. Anna Says:

    This blog has been linked to mine thru automated system. You must be back on Facebook by now (?) because it is so addictive. I created an account and deactivated it too months ago but never came back. I am just a blogger now. By the way…nice blog.

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