Anarchy: Building Business Around Life


I have been having some very interesting conflicts between my business model and conventional business models these days. And the result has been an increase in my resolve to live according to my model.

I have been building my business around my life and the lives of those I choose to help in this world instead of building my life around business. The result is I am seeing the people I help making real progress in becoming independent and self-sustaining individuals with a deep concern for the welfare of those around them.

I have been called undisciplined, unprofessional, unfocused and many other things, however I realize that the real difference is my vision and mission as an individual and as a business person. I am truly putting people first and that scares the 20th century thinkers I come up against. And my life and business are both growing in a way that people want to come on board.

You look at the American economy and it is a failure.  Capitalists are in denial.  Every political concept does not deliver.  Maybe it is time for something new.

Today I read about the United We Serve initiative by President Obama and I feel I am on the right track as a servant leader and a servant business here in Canada.

2 Responses to “Anarchy: Building Business Around Life”

  1. JC Says:

    I have tried to find more information on anarchistic principles practically implemented in business, but it is hard to find. Do you have any tips on where to look?

    • grant czerepak Says:

      You are going to find there is little on Anarchy primarily because by definition there is nothing to follow.

      You are on your own. You follow your own cycles or lack of them.

      There is no measure but your own, no ideas but your own, no location but your own, no clock but your own, no knowledge but your own, no rules but your own.

      All the authorities out there fear this because you won’t feed them.

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