Mother’s Day


I would like to dedicate this post to Evelyn, my maternal grandmother.  Evelyn raised two daughters and two sons single handedly after her divorce from her first husband.  She remarried in 1972 to Edwin.  Together Evelyn and Edwin bought one half acre of land with a small bungalow on it and turned the entire thing into flower and vegetable gardens.  To come to their home was to come to relax and enjoy Evelyn’s excellent cooking and Evelyn’s and Edwin’s sense of humor while enjoying the beauty of their gardening.  Edwin has since passed away and Evelyn is staying at a senior’s apartment.  She still enjoys cooking for herself and her family.  She has many friends and one special gentleman friend, Gus, with whom she goes to Birds Hill Park and feeds wild deer, squirrels and birds.  In the evenings Gus plays piano for the residents of the senior’s apartment and Evelyn suggests music for him to play for them.

Evelyn has four children, ten grandchildren and six great grandchildren.

Happy Mother’s Day, Evelyn.  We all love you dearly.

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