The Brain: ZenUniverse 3.0


“Tao can Tao not Tao”

Lao Tzu

When I last spoke to my friend Howard Rheingold he told me, “You are a visual thinker.”  I could not but agree with him, but I found my explanation of ZenUniverse was not adequately graphic enough.  So, in this version I am going to incorporate illustrations.

Each of the columns in the tables correlate to a corresponding polyhedron and depth of knowledge.

Each of the rows correlate to a property of polyhedrons and an breadth of knowledge.

If you want to see my earlier work on this subject you can go to The Brain: ZenUniverse 2.0

Again, my commentary will be limited.

I want to let the data speak for itself.

Zen Physics


Zen Chemics


Zen Specics:


Zen Letrics


Zen Metrics


Zen Factrics


Zen Psyrics



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