Creativity: Democratizing Evolution


I have been reflecting on the concept of creation and the concept of evolution for the past week. For most of history humanity has thought about a first cause and has attributed it to different gods. Gods were creators. In the west after a 1300 year dark age, around 1500AD, the renaissance led humanity to democratize creation. Humans took creativity away from gods and attributed to themselves as well. Then Charles Darwin came along.

Darwin had an even more humbling proposition. There was no creation. And as modern minds have considered Darwin’s theory they have been finding that there may be no origin, no direction, no destination and no constants to the universe at all. There is only change.

Until now humans have been clinging to the belief that they are creative. However, as we learn more about nature and human beings we are finding that humans have to accept that we are a product of and no different than the evolution that produced us. There is no origin, direction, destination or constants in our lives either. Anyone who claims certainty is no less gambling on life than anyone who accepts uncertainty.

Everything and everyone is unique and unintelligent. There are no creators and no designs.  We have to democratize evolution.

We have to accept that we are all here for no other reason than evolution produced us. Darwin himself did not understand that there is no such thing as fitness. No one is more fit than anyone else because existence is arbitrary. Control is an illusion. All of humanity could cease to exist in a moment due to an unknown cosmic event.

So, when I look at people taking credit for anything or giving credit to a god, I am not persuaded at all. Because I know that they and all they produce as well as I and all I produce have no origin, no direction, no destination and no constants. Everyone is an impostor.

I have no need for guilt. No need for forgiveness. I can live as I wish. Quality and quantity of life are subjective. The motives and organization, events and locations, services and products, units and measures, currency and prices of life are arbitrary. Art and science, design and engineering, craft and trade, commerce and market are arbitrary. For all we do to alleviate our suffering there is always a new form of suffering to take its place.

Evolution is neutral.  Beyond our understanding and beyond our judgment.

That was Job’s true lesson.

6 Responses to “Creativity: Democratizing Evolution”

  1. grant czerepak Says:

    E-mail :

    How do you know all that you just said is really the way you say it is.

  2. grant czerepak Says:

    Because the foundation of science is the acknowledgment of uncertainty and the incompleteness of every theory, however scientists have to persuade a society that wants certainty and in doing so often deceive themselves.

  3. Phil Says:

    Okay I understand your posting in light of comment, but do you see that your comment makes an assertion that nullifies itself?

    • grant czerepak Says:

      My point is that every comment nullifies itself.

      Logic, grammar, language don’t make us any more right or wrong.

      You can worship the great spaghetti monster or stellar travel or nothing. Doesn’t make a bit of difference.

  4. Phil Says:

    Okay. I hear what you are saying, but it doesn’t jive with what you are doing. If all of the above is true, why should anyone read or care about anything you have to say. And more importantly – and this is my main point that I want to communicate – why do you spend so much time and energy posting such well written and interesting stuff. Why do you care? What do you care about? I’m not trying to argue with you – I’m trying to understand your argument.

    • grant czerepak Says:

      Your question is valid, Phil.

      People spend every day working on their sense of importance. We are obsessed with our own importance. Everything we do, we do because we feel it makes us important. Your state of mental health does not change this motive, nothing does. It’s not even a solely human trait.

      I believe that the most liberating thing we can do is know that what makes us important does not come from within or without. We are what everything is. The only state is a non-state.

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