Globish: The New International Language


France has lost the language war.  Globish, a new form of pidgin English is being used within France and by businessmen internationally to communicate.  If the trend continues I am sure this will become a full blown dialect within one generation.

BBC Article: Globish


One Response to “Globish: The New International Language”

  1. wellroasted Says:

    Divergent pidgin Englishes are the wave of the future; you’ve got that one right. English slides more easily into new environments in part because speakers do not insist on purity; new Englishes are easier to learn step-by-step and blend with native languages than can be said for French. French spawned some pidgins a couple of centuries back (which have now become creoles) but is not making headway in the expanding Asian English-speaking world.

    Much as I’d like to complain about globalized Hollywood pop culture, it does make international communication easier.

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