Design: Apple, MILK and Aeron


You may not be aware, but I have become a loyal Apple Computers customer.  I enjoy working and playing on my iMac designed by Jonathan Ives’ up to 16 hours a day.  However, I have not been happy with my physical desk and I came across the website for the desk below.


The desk is called MILK and it is a beautiful piece of Apple Industrial Design Group inspired furniture designed by Soren Rose.  I’ve decided it is on this year’s purchase list for my work/play space.


Another piece of furniture which I have had the pleasure of using is Herman Miller’s Aeron Chair.  This chair designed by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf is ergonomic, comfortable and fully adjustable.  It is number two on my list of acquisitions for my work/play space.

I spend too many hours at my iMac to invest in furniture that is poorly designed and not ergonomic.  Both the MILK desk and the Aeron Chair are an investment in my myself.


Cognitary Stratus


trivergent, divergent, univergent, convergent.

“History does not repeat itself, but sometimes it rhymes.” –Mark Twain

Cognitary, Inc.


to Found

foresought and fidel,

forethought and factual,

familiar and friendly,

fair and full

to Fiat

seer and leader,

feeler and finder,

giver and taker,

seller and buyer


to Future

principle and power,

understanding and knowing,

safety and health,

prosperity and wealth

to Flow

vessel and berth,

heaven and earth,

table and hearth,

market and dearth


to Function

designing and engineering,

plotting and navigating,

crafting and smithing,

profiting and possessing

to Form

goal and person,

event and location,

service and product,

price and metric


to Fashion

control and command,

climate and terrain,

training and discipline,

currency and commodity

to Foot

sanctity and dignity,

certainty and verity,

testity and pacity,

quality and quantity

The above outline is the evolving strategic framework of my company Cognitary, Inc.  I am working to build a community of generalists to tackle client problems across the disciplines.