Icons: Systema Iconic Language: Part II


I have been reading the work of Shi-Kuo Chang from Pittsburgh University and I am really enjoying it.  His thoughts about icons was and is truly expansive.  For example he not only discussed traditional icons, but:

  • Icons – Image Icons
  • Ticons – Text Icons – Icons that display text when rolled over
  • Earcons – Sound Icons – Icons that play sound when rolled over
  • Micons – Motion Icons – Icons that animate when rolled over
  • Vicons – Video Icons – Icons that animate and play sound when rolled over

This led me to think about my work with datatypes and entitypes:

  • Why – Goal – Logical Type – Logicon – Boolean
  • How – Service – Qualital Type – Qualicon – Integer
  • When – Event – Momental Type – Momenticon – Datetime
  • Who – Name – Nominal Type – Nomicon – Text
  • Where – Location – Spatial Type – Spacicon – Clob
  • What – Product – Quantital Type – Quanticon – Float
  • How Much – Unit – Metrical Type – Metricon – Char

The Metrical Type would define the data format and unit of measure.

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