Fern Halper: Data Makes the World Go ’round


I was going through my blog statistics today when I came across an auto link that led from a blog by Fern Halper.

Dr. Fern Halper is a partner at Hurwitz & Associates, a consulting, research and analyst firm that focuses on the customer benefits derived when advanced and emerging software technologies are used to solve business problems. Fern has over twenty years of experience in data analysis, business analysis, and strategy development. Fern served as Senior Vice President for enterprise applications and services for Hurwitz Group and has held key positions at AT&T Bell Laboratories and Lucent Technologies. Fern spent eight years at Bell Laboratories leading the development of innovative approaches and systems to analyze marketing and operational data. Fern has published numerous articles on data mining and information technology and she is an adjunct professor at Bentley College, where she teaches courses in Information Systems and Business. Fern received her BA from Colgate University and her Ph.D. from Texas A&M University.

I have been reading Fern’s posts with much interest as she not only discusses the industry concepts but gives an example of a product relevant to the concept.  This makes for a much richer explanation as I find myself experimenting with the free trials for hours afterwards.

Link:  Fern Halper’s Data Makes the World Go ’round

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