Programming: A Great Seed Idea

I just came across a new blog, SysFunk by blackjack87, where a fledgling idea is taking shape:


Entitys are essentially living, growing, software programs. They have urges, a nature, skills, an environment, and relationships; they are bound by their nature, environments and urges. They are governed holistically by an anthropological philosophy by means of adopting such familiar natural survival characteristics as adaption, and regeneration.

This is not a novel idea, even Turing experimented with artificial life, however it is novel for social networks and bioinformatics.  Entities in social networks have characteristics very similar to what this abstract describes and the reason why I believe organisms are a product of natural laws in network behavior.  There is a great deal of unexplored territory.  Blackjack87 has some work cut out for him, but if he pursues it, I will follow with interest and help where I can.



One Response to “Programming: A Great Seed Idea”

  1. Jhouden Says:

    Thank you kindly for featuring my writings here.

    It is always interesting to meet someone with similar ideas and an unbound thirst for the theoretical; I’ve found many of your posts on networks and organisms to be rather interesting reading. Keep up the great work.

    I’m very much looking forward to seeing a proof of concept for this theory take shape, as that will be the hard part. Unfortunately, talking about it was the easy part. 🙂

    (FYI: I should point out some links and author names have since been updated.)

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