Universe: Hexahedron Theory Revised

When – Where

How – What

How Much – Why

This is the set of equations I find curious.  As you can see (C)/(C) equals Energy.  Consequently, what are the two higher forms that correlate with Gravity?

Who – Whom

4 Responses to “Universe: Hexahedron Theory Revised”

  1. Douglas Allen Gorin Says:


    I am smart enough to know that I don’t know everything about hexagon theory. I set up a web site about something I call hexagon theory. And, basically want to learn more about the shape and discuss things related to the honeycomb conjecture. Please help me shed some light on the universe.

    • grant czerepak Says:

      Hello Douglas,

      I am no expert either. No one is. However, the idea of basing Earth’s navigation on a geodesic coordinate system instead of a longitude/latitude coordinate system is a noble one.

      You will have a great deal of rectilinear grid projects to overcome. For example look at the prairie grid road system in the Canadian Prairies.

      I highly recommend going to your local library and reading the two volumes of R. Buckminster Fuller’s Synergetics. There are online copies too.

      • Doug Says:

        “My God, this comment was here along and I never saw it. I never searched Douglas Allen Gorin Hex Theory before. Thank God. It’s me. Yeah, I concure that I didn’t spell that right but you know what I mean. I do believe that the hexagonal axis is better and far outweighs any square axis. In the fact. It does. Six is a larger number than four that in it’s self implies growth. Thank you so much for posting this. The work in my head on this is without end in hours so please and thank you for the comment. Doug.

      • grant czerepak Says:

        If you like a hex. Try additional sides to the polygon and see where it takes you.

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