If You Love The Internet

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more about “The Hyperwords Company“, posted with vodpod

This new plug in for Firefox is a must have.  It takes the hypertext concept to the extreme limits.  Vannevar Bush would have been proud.


2 Responses to “If You Love The Internet”

  1. Adelaide Says:

    I have downloaded Hyperwords on your recommendation, and it does demand a change in the way that I do things on the Internet, particularly, of course, the navigation of words. I do try to be very very careful about the plugins that I use, I want them to be esay to use and functional.

    One big change is the searching of Google. It doesn’t look like the Google that I know and have been searching the last eight years! For example, it has AdSense in a much more prominent way, and is very counter-intuitive.

    I like the windows that it creates for reference, and it will be useful for things I want to do like translating and blogging.

    I’d like to recommend you a useful programme that a million people are using, it comes into the realm of Cloud Computing and could fit into Relationary theory and practice quite well. It is called Zoho, and I heard about it from one of my blogging acquaintances.

    Seybold Online is very useful too – I have read about it in my August 1997 issue of MacUser. They had a paper about the world of hypertext as it stood then and it was compared to Vannevar Bush and his visions.

  2. grant czerepak Says:

    Hello Adelaide,

    Yes, I am familiar with and have used Zoho applications. I think they hold a great deal of potential for an integrated Cloud Enterprise.

    I am still partial to Google Docs when it comes to the basic office apps.

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