On Getting Creative Ideas

Murray Gell-Mann, one of the largest living legends in physics, discusses creativity. (70 minutes)

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If you listen, Murray’s greatest revelation is simply this: We make up boundaries for ourselves that do not exist. Recognizing false boundaries and crossing them is what “thinking outside of the box” is all about.

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2 Responses to “On Getting Creative Ideas”

  1. Alan McCrindle Says:

    Welcome to the world of Yoga and Buddhism – not only have they had this one worked out for 5,000 odd years but they also have practices to help you expand consciousness into that boundless state

  2. grant czerepak Says:

    I happen to agree with what you are saying, Alan. Culture tends to rediscover principles that have existed for millennia. Why is this the case? Because we must each discover it for ourselves over a incredibly finite length of time–our lives. And we have to rediscover it within our lives as well, because our memories are limited.

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