The Fifth Horseman: Comedy

In the world of atheists it has been said that there are Four Horsemen, namely Science (Richard Dawkins), Progress (Dan Dennett), Reason (Sam Harris) and Equality (Christopher Hitchens). Now, let me tell you about the Fifth Horseman: Comedy.

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Pat Condell is a respected and disrespectful atheist comedian who rants the way every secularist should. He has no respect for any religion Western or Eastern. He believes that religion should be legislated out of public life and restricted to personal life.  In addition, he has an exceptional distaste for religions that threaten violence when they are told they are religions of violence but that’s another video which you can view by clicking on the open book icon below the video embed. Warning: Pat’s videos continue ad infinitum. You can stop them by clicking on the video and stopping with the controls.


The Brain: About Face

Is she attractive? Is she trustworthy? Is she successful? Is she intelligent? Is she normal? Is she dominant? One thing she is is a composite of fifteen different faces. is performing online surveys to determine how we perceive human faces and voices. Over 700,000 people have performed at least some of the surveys. You will be told how you ranked against the average and you will be able to provide a 1-10 ranking for each survey as well.

The thing I came away wondering about is to what this knowledge will be applied. Some of the surveys had me come away humming the soundtrack from Clockwork Orange. However, from looking over the questionnaires I think the research has spawned more questions than answers.