Systema: Mix Thirty-Six

I came up with this representation of de Bono’s “Six Thinking Hats” and Zachman’s “Framework Focuses” early in this blog’s lifetime. I am hoping I have achieved the final form as we see it here. The major change is the switch between the last two rows and the switch between the last two columns. I consider this structure a fixed hierarchy both vertically and horizontally.

As part of my reflection upon this I created a table to think about the various hexads I’ve encountered:

One thing I realize from this exercise is that events are the definitions of the system. If you do not define an event you will never observe it. In other words, you cannot see what you are not looking for. Nodes are the instances of the system and provide the affordances the outside world can manipulate.

You can also see here that I have categorized cause, energy and time as “logical” and observer, mass and space as “physical”. I am just playing here, but what are the potential implications? Could cause, energy and time be simply logical constructs? Could observer, mass and space be the only truly physical constructs?

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3 Responses to “Systema: Mix Thirty-Six”

  1. erich viedge Says:

    Fascinating study!
    But who says mass, observer and space are physical constructs?
    If I’m standing behind you and you don’t see me, I don’t exist for you.
    Very interesting work, though. Keep going

  2. grant czerepak Says:

    Hello Erich,

    Yes, this was Einstein’s dilemma. An apocryphal anecdote has him asking, “If I do not look at the moon, is it still there?”

    Einstein’s Classical Physics says, “Certain”, but Heisenberg’s Quantum Physics says, “Uncertain”.

    I say you can always detect the influence of the six unities. If not through conscious observation, through unconscious observation.

    I don’t think the Physicists have answered the question because the dimensions they are describing are not visible. I don’t think they are curled up. I think we simply don’t see the Universe’s shadow before us.


  3. Mostafa Fayek Says:

    Intuitive Clear view … straight forward….I love it.

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