Review: 52 Leadership Truths

In my career I have taken the red pill of leadership and as a consequence have begun to explore what Annette Simmons calls the “leadershit literature”. However, the Pareto principle tells me that about 20 percent of what is out there are sweeter smelling. I am of the opinion I have come across one of those sweet smelling works.

thetruthaboutbeingaleader2.jpg karenotazo.jpg

The Truth About Being a Leader by Dr. Karen Otazo is a work of 52 concise chapters free of the anecdotal ramblings of the flavor of the month leadership guru. Karen has managed to capture virtually all the issues leaders face with a refreshing brevity and provides a solid foundation to explore these issues further in the form of an extensive bibliography. I plan to use that bibliography to guide my building of a personal leadership library.

I highly recommend this book.

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