Systema: Six Hats, Six Coats vs. Social Networks



I was just reading here that Bill Gates has dropped his Facebook account. In fact, there is a general downward trend in the membership in Social Networking. Why is this? The primary reason is that social networking (observer) is not a goal (cause) in itself. It never has been.


If we think about social networking from a systems perspective, observers organize around a particular cause, then energy and mass, space and time networks arrange themselves subsequently. John Zachman is of the opinion that arranging the focuses in any order is the creation of a methodology, however I’ve concluded that there is only one methodology that works. Cause, Observer, Energy, Mass, Space and Time in that order and each is a network in itself.

2 Responses to “Systema: Six Hats, Six Coats vs. Social Networks”

  1. cafedog Says:

    If i read what some of the commenters’ say, Social Netters are tired of dealing with spam, splogs, and bots.
    The scripts are taking over the Web!
    Isaac Asimov would have predicted this.

  2. grant czerepak Says:

    Yes, that has to do with goals as well. Social Network users did not enter the social network with the understanding they would be fulfilling goals they themselves did not benefit from.

    Google also introduced advertising on their own search pages, however it was lauded for its unobtrusive nature. Facebook ceded too much control to third parties.

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