Systema: Six Hats, Six Coats and “Middle World”


Richard Dawkins discusses his concept he calls “Middle World” to explain how the human model of real could be only one of endless models. The scope of human perception could be only a minimal explanation of the human “Middle World” model, irrelevant to the models of every other form of life that exists. However, Richard is not saying the laws of physics are different, but the laws of perception. Six Hats, Six Coats still holds its relevancy universally as Murray Gell-Mann has pointed out by saying that irregardless of the observer physics does not change.

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2 Responses to “Systema: Six Hats, Six Coats and “Middle World””

  1. cafedog Says:

    The problem with Quantum Theory is Everything and nothing is possible. Work within probability and uncertainty. Now we try to place ourselves as a define “consciousness” (the observer) into any field we test….what a variable!. Perhaps Dawkins middle mode could give a better, less uncertain variable to the observer within a field. Thanks for the intriguing link!

  2. grant czerepak Says:

    I recently read that it is possible that the existence of observers is a consequence of fluctuations in the tendency of the universe towards the second law of thermodynamics. In otherwords, order is a tenuous exception in the entropic trend and the only domain for observers.

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