Systema: You Don’t Need More


Murray Gell-Mann in this video reveals a core truth in the beauty of physics that explains my adherence to the six interrogatives. The core truth is “you don’t need something more to get something more”. You don’t need more than the six interrogatives to explain most systems. What you need is a better understanding of the six interrogatives. It does not diminish all the other concepts to say they are emergent from the core concept. The core concept offers something not the product of the human mind, unity, symmetry, self-similarity across the scales.

  • Why – Cause
  • Who – Observer
  • How – Energy
  • What – Mass
  • Where – Space
  • When – Time

As Einstein put it:

Energy = Mass * Space * Space / Time / Time

This gives us the equation:

How = What * Where * Where / When / When

Or as Zachman puts it:

Function = Data * Network * Network / Time / Time

Can you see systems differently?

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