Systema: Orientational, Decisional, Actual

Why – one of the six causalities
Who – one of the six identities within a causality
How – one of the six qualities within an identity
What – one of the six quantities within a quality
Where – one of the six spatialities within a quantity
When – one of the six temporalities within a spatiality

What I have just defined, finally, are the six dimensions of the interrogative hypercube. Six to the sixth power. That’s 46,656 unique combinations.

The temporal, spatial, quantal, qualal, idental and causal entities are each three dimensional, I hazard to guess, because each is a higher level abstraction of the same phenomena. Three dimensional space is an abstraction of three dimensional time; three dimensional quantity is a an abstraction of three dimensional space and so on.

4 Responses to “Systema: Orientational, Decisional, Actual”

  1. cafedog Says:

    Brent i get a head every time i read you on the RSS. If “How” is the means and i have a “where/when” the traditional 3+1 demension (now 3*3*…) what is the “why” of the phenomenon/field? can cause truly equated in a quantum feild???

  2. cafedog Says:

    wait a minute! i not following if how a “casualty” interacts with a field.

  3. grant czerepak Says:

    Great question, cafedog. I’m glad someone is reading deeply enough to ask.

    The truth is I have not yet come up with an answer that is satisfactory for me either. However, I believe that causality is inextricably linked to the observer.

    The whole idea of a linearity of events is relative to the observer. No two observers witness the exact same series of events because the observers are not focused continually on the same target system.

    No matter what event takes place, the chain of events according to one observer will be different from the chain of events to another observer. We cannot both take measurements at exactly the same time and place. Therefore, one observer’s cause cannot be the same as another observer’s cause.

    The photons I receive describe a different cause than the photons you receive.

  4. cafedog Says:

    I agree. i have a tough time dealing with cause-and-effect science after my limited exposure quantum physics in college. It seems any “cause” is subjective to “observer” inside the phenom/ field. And i am a fan of your blog.

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