Structured Thinking System: Relationships

In the last post, Structured Thinking System: Entities, I laid out the the thirty-six fundamental entities of the Structured Thinking System. In this post I will discuss the relationships between these entities.


The relationships in the Structured Thinking System are a recursive hierarchy both vertically and horizontally. What I mean by this is each column is a series of one to many relationships proceeding down the column and the bottom most entity has a one to many relationship to the top most entity in the column. The same applies to the rows. Each row is a series of one to many relationships proceeding from left to right across the row and the rightmost entity has a one to many relationship to the left most entity in the row. For example, in the Green Coat (motive) column one Verity has many Unities, one Unity has many Qualities, one Quality has many Quantities, one Quantity has many Safeties, one Safety has many Reliefs and one Relief has many Verities. In the same way, one Verity has many Creators, on Creator has many Motives, one Motive has many Creates, one Create has many Universes, one Universe has many Years and one Year has many Verities.

The reason for such a structure is due to the nature of “centrisism” in system design. Although the Structured Thinking System always starts with Verity as the central concept of the system’s design it is possible for other centrisms to exist. It is equally possible for a Leader centric design, an Object centric design or a Moment centric design. Note how the center can move not only horizontally, but vertically, however the direction of the one to many hierarchical relationships remain the same.


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