Systema: Chuck Hoberman and Lisa Randall

I have found a wonderful discussion of modeling between Chuck Hoberman and Lisa Randall in Seed Magazine.

Chuck Hoberman is the designer, architect, artist, and engineer best known for inventing the Hoberman Sphere, a geodesic globe that can expand up to five times its diameter. He won the Chrysler Design Award in 1997, and his creations have been displayed around the world. Harvard physicist Lisa Randall is renowned for her work on extra dimensions, and in 2004, she was the most cited theoretical physicist of the previous five years. This year, Randall was included in the Time 100, Time‘s list of the most influential people in the world. Hoberman’s unique use of shape, scale, and dimension in his transformable designs seemed richly analogous with Randall’s use of extra dimensions and warped geometry in her research on the nature of the universe. Seed invited them to explore this conceptually common ground.