Systema: A Fuller Explanation


I am slowly building a library of books that influenced my thinking under the Product Page of this blog. During my search I discovered that one of my favorites, A Fuller Explanation: The Synergtic Geometry of R. Buckminster Fuller by Amy C. Edmondson, online in HTML.

Amy had the privilege of working with R. Buckminster Fuller and her book documents her concise understanding of the geometry in Fuller’s book Synergetics which is also available online in HTML.

R. Buckminster Fuller has strongly influenced my thinking about problem solving and about how little we actually know about the world. I urge you to explore both books.

One Response to “Systema: A Fuller Explanation”

  1. Mi Shi Says:

    popped over to your site from the “tetrad” tag from McLuhan…. this info looks really interesting! I ‘ve got to check it out more.

    Re: your reading lists…check out this cool new amazing site for book collectors!

    When are they going to get linking in some way to personal sites?!

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