Six Hats, Six Coats and Happiness


I’ve had the chance to come across and am currently reading Alexander Kjerulf’s book Happy Hour is 9 to 5. It is a silly title but the book presents sound principles.  Something that has occurred to me in the course of reading it is the more control you have over the Six Hats and Six Coats you wear in your job, the happier you are. What I mean by this is the more control you have over how you repeat, refine, record, report, relate and revise your own outlook regarding your own motive, locale, object, method, person and moment, the more ready and willing you will be to get up on Monday morning.

Happiness at work, not just “satisfaction”, first comes with the choice to take control of yourself, your system, your own Six Hats and Six Coats and deciding to be happy. It also comes with management’s willingness to permit you to understand and influence all of the Six Hats and Six Coats of your company’s system. Read Alexander’s book, think about the Six Hats, Six Coats Framework and think about yourself, your company and your happiness.

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