Black Coat: Business Process Modeling Resources

In my reading today I came across two great resources.

The first is the Business Process Modeling Institute.

“ is a peer-to-peer exchange for business process management professionals and is hosted by BrainStorm Group, a trusted source of unbiased information and education on BPM, Workflow and Integration related issues since 1997. has been established in response to the demand for education and peer exchange on all aspects surrounding business process computing.

By leveraging the collective genius of our members, industry Thought Leaders and experienced practitioners, we endeavor to expedite the adoption and implementation of business process management solutions and practices.

Our mission is to facilitate knowledge sharing amongst BPM professionals on a 365/24/7 basis, as well as providing insight to the latest development and advancements through real-world case studies.”

The second is Bruce Silver’s BPMS Watch blog.

“BPMS Watch is one analyst’s view of business process management software – the technology and products, the issues, emerging trends, and the seemingly aimless wanderings of the BPMS vendors. BPMS Watch is written by Bruce Silver, an independent industry analyst and consultant focused exclusively since 1994 on BPM and content management software.

The blog is intended to work at two levels. The first is analytical and opinionated: What is BPM, anyway? What are the forces, technological and economic, propelling it forward, and what are the forces, cultural and commerical, arrayed against it? Why are the standards so controversial and, to some, completely misguided? Most important, who’s doing really cool things right now that make a difference? The goal is thought leadership and spirited debate, mostly among current inhabitants of the still-small BPM blogosphere.

The second is education and advocacy, aimed at those trying to learn what BPM is all about, what goes into a BPMS, and how to pick the right one for their organization. That’s an audience I already speak to in my 2006 BPMS Report, my Brainstorm BPM and SOA conference presentations and training, my BPMS Watch column on, my Change Agent column in Intelligent Enterprise, and numerous white papers on The blog will try to engage those folks as well.”

black coat business process modeling resources

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The Need for a New Language

I have been searching the web looking for modeling standards for each of the Zachman focuses in an effort to explore the feasibility of creating the Structured Thinking Language.


I am finding that my abstract (above) holds more promise to create an integrated modeling language than anything currently out there. The reason for this is the modeling languages I have encountered, all of them, have to at one point or another incorporate more than one focus to be of any value. In other words, the modeling languages are multi-focus views.

The Business Motivation Model by the Business Rules Group is not the solution I foresee as meeting the needs of Business Motivation Modelers. I agree with The Business Rules Manifesto, but I feel the Model is more a generic structure than a suitable modeling language or notation. What it does offer is a common vocabulary for business rule structures. However, rules are the atoms of motivation and the Business Motivation Model does not address that atomicity in a way I see as satisfactory.

We have to create a single language that addresses all six focuses at once. There is not a current language up to the task.