High End Service

I came across the blog post On Treating Customers Right today and it made me think about interaction design. The author pointed out some common characteristics of high end service:

  1. When you make a request for service you are sought out to be provided it
  2. You are trusted to receive service
  3. You are not burdened with unnecessary paperwork or procedures
  4. Even your test drives are personalized
  5. You are trusted to test drive a product
  6. If you are made to wait, your are made comfortable
  7. Good product showrooms use “whitespace”
  8. Salespeople are unobtrusive, but respond immediately when requested
  9. You are trusted to buy what you want
  10. Good service attracts good customers, respect fosters respect

Good guidelines for a high end website.

relationary high end service

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One Response to “High End Service”

  1. Events Says:

    To me number 8 and 10 were the best points made. No matter where I am shopping, the first notion in my mind is to diffuse the sales person(s) immediately as I do not want to be jumped on by 5 different sales people as soon as I enter a store, and pressured to answer what I like. As for the good service whether it be courtesy and/or knowledge about what’s being sold, that is always appreciated and provides reason for me to return.

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