STL: Structured Thinking Language


Over the course of analyzing the Six Hats, Six Coats metaphor it has occurred to me that a structured language can be created for thinking about a system. Each of the Six Hats are actually verbs and each of the Six Coats are nouns. Together they create a minimal structured language framework for guiding the design of a system.

CREATE: Conceptualize. Expand Meaning. What are you making right?

DEFINE: Contextualize. Focus on Uniqueness. What is your mantra?

REFINE: Logicalize. Maximize Value. What is your effect?

REDUCE: Physicalize. Minimize Cost. What is your business model?

INTUIT: Humanize. Familiarize Interaction. How do you lower the barriers to adoption?

ENGAGE: Synchronize. Increase Availability. How do you make yourself convenient?

MOTIVE: Why? Goals affected.

LOCALE: Where? Locations affected.

OBJECT: What? Data affected. Note that I agree with C. J. Date that objects in Object Oriented Programming are data, not properties.

METHOD: How? Functions affected.

PERSON: Who? Populations affected.

MOMENT: When? Times affected.

4 Responses to “STL: Structured Thinking Language”

  1. pinaldave Says:

    This article is very impressive and to the point. I read it 3 times before I wrote this comment.

    Your blog and articles are one of the best in industry.

    Pinal Dave

  2. grant czerepak Says:

    Thank you, Pinal.

    Coming from you that is a great compliment.


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