Sentences Open Source Project


Simon Williams, the creator of the Associative Model of Data, its architecture and the Sentences Associative Database Mangement System, had a discussion with me the other day. He told me that to make Sentences an Open Source project, he needs two things. First, he needs a Lead Java Developer to guide the Sentences open source project as Sentences is completely Java based. Second, he needs to get the user group for Sentences to reach the tipping point, which means developing Sentences databases and applications. I’ve used the relational data model for twenty years and the associative model is the next logical step in database architecture. If you want to advance internet database technology by helping this architecture and this product move into the mainstream, here’s your chance. Simon can be reached by email: simon.williams at

Again, Simon’s book, The Associative Model of Data, and the Sentences Enterprise Edition is available for download free at the website.


2 Responses to “Sentences Open Source Project”

  1. Say, “Hello World”, with the Associative Model « relationary Says:

    […] And thus, the Sentences Open Source Project […]

  2. Angela Harms Says:

    If he wants there to be an open source version, couldn’t he just release it open source?

    I’d love to see an open source version too, but maybe written in something besides Java?

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