Reexamining Insideness and Outsideness

In working on the Six Hats, Six Coats model it occurred to me that perhaps my work on tetrads requires reexamination.  It occurred to me that maybe I am not dealing with tetrads, but hexads.  Let’s use a reexamination of Maslow’s hierarchy as an example.  I am reincorporating the physiological needs and I am adding an existential need to the mix.


 As you can see there are not only two more needs, but another boundary as well.  I am especially curious about the implications for Moffett’s Universe of Discourse and McLuhan’s Laws of Media.  Here’s Moffett:


As you can see Moffett’s Universe of Discourse requires no magnificent leap of faith to convert from a tetrad to hexad.  I will attempt more of these tetrad to hexad conversions in later posts.

4 Responses to “Reexamining Insideness and Outsideness”

  1. The McLuhan “Hexad” « relationary Says:

    […] my previous posts I made the case for hexads over tetrads.  Then I cleaned up my insideness and outsideness concept.  I am now, going to make an intuitive […]

  2. Cafe dog Says:

    this is an intriguing model. but i am un clear on this.
    are you saying that at the existential layer that are needs at inner layers deepin? or at the outer layer (existential) we turn in order.
    i have always been confused by the confused by the hierachies placement of sex at the base. i think that sex is to ambiguous for set need.
    (if you reply, please note i am not college educ. and this site is complicated enough!)

  3. grant czerepak Says:

    I have to say that in a later post (see: Insideness and Outsideness Revolution) I reverse this order as I realized that our existential layer interacts with the world while the self-actualization layer is our highest internal reasoning.

    As far as sex goes it is a physiological need. However, meaningful sex is a belonging need.

  4. Arun Says:

    i read this article.

    Reexamining Insideness and Outsideness
    July 12th, 2007 — grant czerepak

    i am having few clarifications regarding, how you relate information/data vs. Moslow hierarchy of needs? is the anology correct?

    Kindly contact me in my email id.

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