Singularity Chains

In my previous post I discussed Insideness and Outsideness.  Now I am going to discuss the boundary between the inside and the outside.


Because I asserted earlier that all focuses in any framework are three dimensional networks, I am going to use the above illustration of network insideness and outsideness as the reference for this discussion.

The first thing about the shape of the node, networks and its event horizon is that they are not uniform.  Secondly,  they are always changing.  Thirdly, moving between boundaries requires the release or absorption of energy.  Kurzweil says we live in an age of exponentials.  I say we have always lived in an age of exponentials, the technology and scale of the exponential curve is simply different.  Crossing each boundary from node to intranet, from intranet to internet, from internet to extranet is a “singularity” in its own right.  Because of this I believe in a “singularity chain”, exponential curves overlapping and influencing other exponential curves as technologies retrieve, enhance, reverse and obsolesce each other.  No exponential curve continues unabated to infinity.


Perhaps what Kurzweil is seeing is the boundary between IntraNetwork and InterNetwork cognition and this boundary requires a considerably steeper curve to reach the apex and make the transition.