WQ: Wisdom Quotient

I was watching a video of a presentation by Max More at the Singularity Summit at Stanford where he poses the question: Will Superintelligence come with Superwisdom? And it lead to me thinking about James Moffett’s Universe of Discourse and an earlier related post where I discussed cognition and intelligence.


Moffett’s universe of discourse, I feel takes intelligence and the intelligence quotient and puts it in its place. If we look at the four columns in the above diagram and correlate “recording” to “data”, “reporting” to “information”, “generalizing” to “knowledge” and “theorizing” to “wisdom”, I am of the opinion that the intelligence quotient only measures knowledge or the ability to generalize. And what scientists are trying to create is artificial intelligence. The scope is too narrow.

What we really need is the ability to break down and measure cognition. The American Heritage Science Dictionary defines cognition as ” The mental process of knowing, including awareness, perception, reasoning, and judgment.” An intelligent system only emphasizes reasoning or in Moffett’s model generalizing. What we need to create is Artificial Cognition. What we need to measure is awareness (recording), perception (reporting), reasoning (generalizing) and judgment (theorizing).

Perhaps the AI scientists are betting way too much on intelligence.

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