Twelve Dimensional Universe

In information technology there are four common components to every system: process, data, location and events. When we define the structure of these components, each is a three dimensional network. As a business system operates, each of these networks is negotiated and each creates its own three dimensional path. Any observation of the system is an intersection of the paths of the four components. It lead me to wonder why the same paradigm couldn’t be transplanted where process is energy, data is mass and location and event are the one dimensional coordinates of space and time. If so, the universe could be viewed as four three dimensional networks that we traverse in four three dimensional paths with any observation being the intersection of those four paths. The universe was twelve dimensional with the only constant being change.

This is my thought experiment for time:

1. The acceleration of everything in the universe is constantly changing

2. Therefore every photon that strikes me is of a different wavelength

3. I am not one electron nor is my source of photons one electron

4. Therefore it is impossible for every photon I observe to come from the same source electron or strike the same target electron

5. Therefore it is impossible for me to observe from a single coordinate system or observe to a single coordinate system

6. Time is not linear

7. Therefore the speed of light is not constant because it cannot be measured with precision or accuracy.

The observer never observes the same clock.

The observer never observes the same energy.

The observer never observes the same mass.

The observer never observes the same location.

Abandon statistics for a moment. Everything in the universe is unique. In fact, every atomic and subatomic particle is as unique as a snowflake.

My theory is that energy, mass, space and time are each three dimensional networks that collapse into each unique observation. The universe is twelve dimensional.

(Ex,Ey,Ez) = (mx,my,mz)(Δ(lx,ly,lz)/Δ(ex,ey,ez))2

Where E is energy, m is mass, l is location and e is event.

Give Michio Kaku a view.

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